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Award-winning writer and lecturer Barbara Sofer grew up in a small town in Connecticut, and moved to Israel in 1971. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her articles -taking on a wide range of subjects from ethnic cooking to terrorism--have appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Parents, Readers' Digest, Woman's Day, Hadassah Magazine and Inside Magazine among many others. She writes a bi-weekly column for the Friday Jerusalem Post.

Barbara has written five books and contributed to several others


Jerusalem Post

The Human Spirit: Where were you when? Write it down!  

By Barbara Sofer

This is one of those "where were you when" weeks, when those of us who remember the Six Day War think back to the fear and ebullient relief that characterized the first week in June 50 years ago. The jubilee of Jerusalem's reunification has given me an excuse to question neighbors and friends about that momentous time in their lives.

One soldier neighbor was posted in the Sanhedria neighborhood. He was sent to report after the battle on Ammunition Hill. "The bunkers were lined with bodies of soldiers from both sides.

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