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Award-winning writer and lecturer Barbara Sofer grew up in a small town in Connecticut, and moved to Israel in 1971. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Her articles -taking on a wide range of subjects from ethnic cooking to terrorism--have appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Parents, Readers' Digest, Woman's Day, Hadassah Magazine and Inside Magazine among many others. She writes a bi-weekly column for the Friday Jerusalem Post.

Barbara has written five books and contributed to several others


Jerusalem Post

The Human Spirit: Dear Margot  

By Barbara Sofer

I'm ten years old. Soldiers and healthcare workers place me on a boat which sails from Germany to Sweden. The dock leads to a long boardwalk. Walking is so difficult that even a few hundred feet feel like a marathon. In the end, I am too weak to walk, so they carry me.

"I am transferred to the so-called aliens camp in Bjarred, a coastal town that 's 20 kilometers north of Malmö.

"In Sweden, we 're given pudding and jelly to help heal and fill our shrunken stomachs. The nurses know about those of us who died from eating the wrong food in Bergen-Belsen. We eat bland potatoes and fish balls, fruit, and berries of all kinds, sweet cream and sour cream. We have to drink fish oil, and we comply even though it tastes bad. We get thick pancakes for breakfast. We're encouraged to play outside and to bask in the sunshine while it lasts. We get new clothing, including warm wool coats.

"How lonely I am. Throughout the war, I hoped that my parents would somehow return. I was waiting to tell them everything that had happened to me since we parted.

"Papa promised to meet me after the war. He surely must be coming for me. I hope that my parents are somehow safe in Palestine and will come for me. Even as I hope, in my heart of hearts, I know they aren't coming back, and that I am alone in the world.

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